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A V I A T I O N   C A M P :    E N G I N N E R ' S    W O R K S H O P


  Other Camp Topics
Engineer's Workshop

Aerospace Design and Construction

Entering Grades 6-8
Full Day Only - Includes Field Trip

Take on the creative challenge of aerospace engineering! Experience the tools used with modern aerostructures in a guided experience and work session in the Museumís Restoration Shop, then put the tools to the test by partially disassembling and reconstructing a real small aircraft.

Explore 21st century engineering design and cutting edge techniques in the Museumís new Invention Lab by using Computer Aided Design software to design and build a simple airfoil in cyberspace. Use a 3D printer to create a testable prototype, and use tabletop wind tunnels and flight tests to perfect the design.

Participate in a special field trip to San Francisco International Airport to observe modern aircraft in action. Tour the United Airlines Maintenance facility (security conditions permitting) for a unique close-up view of the engines, airframes and aerostructures used in 21st-century aircraft, or visit the Oakland Aviation Museum to survey a diverse collection of large-scale aircraft.

Engineer's Workshop Includes:
  • Restoration Shop Tour & Tool Orientation
  • Group Disassembly/Reconstruction of Small Aircraft
  • Computer-Aided Design Software
  • 3D Printing and Wind Tunnel Tests
  • Advanced Flight Simulation
  • FPG-9 Glider Challenge
  • Tower Design and Construction
  • Energy Cars
  • Mars Lander Design
  • Field Trip to San Francisco International Airport or Oakland Aviation
  • Museum
  • And Much, Much More!
Program Dates:
Session 4: June 23-27
Session 8: July 21-25
Session 11: August 11-15

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