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Robot Aces

Advanced Robotics and Remotely Piloted Vehicle Operation

Entering Grades 6-8
Full Day Only - Includes Field Trip

Discover the systems used to build and fly remotely piloted vehicles (RPVs) in a journey through the robotic skies! Survey the Museumís collection of drone aircraft, then construct a small aircraft with radio controlled control surfaces able to maintain attitude in flight. Fly a small tandem-rotor remotely piloted helicopter indoors, then take a field trip to a nearby RC flying field to launch the full scale airplane!

Lead a robotic invasion of the land as well using LEGO NX robotics! Work in teams using LEGO hardware and computer aided design software to plan, build and program a working robot. Master the use of different sensors to complete tasks of increasing complexity, culminating in a challenging design competition. Turn to nuts and bolts to build a take-home robot able to be programmed using simple push buttons at home.

Enter the Museumís Flight Sim Zone to experience simulated flight under realistic RPV conditions, including automated flight, extreme altitudes and ultralight aircraft under a variety of weather conditions. Make use of the Museumís Tablet Lab to pilot a simulated RPV prior to the trip to the RC flying field.

Robot Aces Includes:
  • Radio Controlled Airplane Construction
  • Infrared Controlled Helicopter Flight Tests
  • RPV Flight Simulation
  • LEGO Mindstorms NX Robotics
  • Advanced Flight Simulation
  • Artec Programmable Robot Construction
  • Field Trip to RC Flying Field
  • NASA Ames Exploration Encounter
  • And Much, Much More!
Program Dates:
Session 3: June 16-20
Session 7: July 14-18
Session 10: August 4-8

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