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  B-47 and B-52

Flying the B-47 and B-52

Presented by
Lt. Col. William “Bill” Van Cleve (Ret)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Lt. Col. William “Bill” Van Cleve will present an in depth look at two very historic but different airplanes. Bill will cover the topics:

  • Development of both the B-47
  • Why the B-47 was the key element in the Emergency War Plan
  • Importance of the B-47 design to the aircraft industry
  • New Techniques required to fly the B-47
  • Overseas deployments of the B-47’s
  • Development of the B-52
  • Similarities and differences between the B-47 and B-52
  • Operational use of the B-52 following the Cold War
Join us for this presentation by someone who flew both of these historic airplanes!

Presentation included with museum admission.



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