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Starlab Sky Show

Special 30-Minute Star Shows
For Adults and Children Ages 5 and Up

Enter the amazing dome of a Starlab planetarium and see the glittering stars of the night sky projected overhead. Discover the brightest constellations visible each night and the stars used by pilots, sailors and others to navigate across vast and featureless oceans.

30-minute presentations at 10:30 am and 2:00 pm on the following dates:

Schedule of StarLab Sky Shows

Day Date Showtimes
TuesdayNovember 1110:30 am, 2:00 pm
FridayNovember 2810:30 am, 2:00 pm
SaturdayNovember 2910:30 am, 2:00 pm

Children ages 5 and up are welcome with an accompanying adult at any presentation time. Children ages 3-5 may attend the first scheduled presentation each day, with one accompanying adult required for each child. Children age 2 and under are not recommended. Participants must craw through a short tunnel with reduced lighting to access the inside of the Starlab dome and remain seated throughout the 30-minute presentation.

Space for each presentation is limited, and a separate Starlab ticket ($5 per person, $4 Members) is required for each participant in addition to Museum admission. Tickets may be purchased at the Museum Gift Shop on the day of the program.

Partial Solar Eclipse
Thursday, October 23
1:52 PM Ė 4:32 PM

Earthís Moon will briefly pass between the Sun and the Earth on Thursday, October 23rd in a partial solar eclipse.† As viewed from San Carlos and the greater San Francisco Bay Area, approximately half of the Sunís disk will be covered by the Moon at the time of greatest eclipse.† Despite this, the sky will not darken noticeably to the casual observer, and it is not safe to watch the event directly.† Even when half of its surface is obscured, the visible portion of the Sunís surface emits harmful amounts of invisible ultraviolet and infrared light capable of damaging the eye.

Safe Viewing Tips
A partial solar eclipse may be safely observed by a variety of means, including inexpensive solar glasses such as those available for purchase at the Hiller Aviation Museum Gift Shop.† Weather permitting, the Hiller Aviation Museum will also observe this event using a special, filtered solar telescope to facilitate safe viewing.† Telescopic observation will be available throughout the event from the Museumís Courtyard and is included with regular admission.

Watch with special eclipse-viewing glasses. Do not observe eclipse directly! Observe with special filtered telescope. Do not observe eclipse directly or with unfiltered telescope!

Eclipse Event Timings (for San Carlos, CA)
Partial Eclipse Begins
Max. Eclipse (Sun 50% covered)
Partial Eclipse ends
1:52 pm
3:16 pm
4:32 pm

The October 23rd solar eclipse will be visible across much of North America, but times will vary.† Within the Bay Area the start and end times will be only a few minutes before or after those in San Carlos, but farther afield the time difference is more pronounced.† Visit the NASA Eclipse Page †to calculate observation times at different locations.





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