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A V I A T I O N   C A M P


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Daily Routine and General Camp Information

Daily Camp Schedule-Elementary Camp (Grades K-6)*
8:00-8:50 AM Extended Sign In (Additional Fee Applies)
8:50-9:00 AM Sign In
9:00-9:10 AM Orientation and Camp Meeting
9:10-10:10 AM AM Project #1
10:10-10:50 AM Snack Break/Free Choice Activity**
10:50-11:50 AM AM Project #2
11:50-12:00 PM Morning Closure/Clean Up
12:00-12:10 PM Sign-Out (Half Day)
12:00-12:30 PM Lunch Break (Full Day)
12:30-1:00 PM Aviation Cinema
1:00-2:00 PM PM Project #1
2:00-2:40 PM Snack Break/Free Choice Activity**
2:40-3:40 PM PM Project #2
3:40-3:50 PM Afternoon Closure/Clean Up
3:50-4:00 PM Sign-Out (Full Day)
4:00-5:30 PM Extended Sign Out (Additional Fee Applies)

*Advanced Camp (Grades 7-8) not available during Fall/Winter camps. Current 6th grade students may be admitted into camp sessions and will be grouped by grade level.

**Free Choice activities vary daily and are selected by campers. Activity selections may include guided Museum tours, library visits, aircraft spotting, Gallery exploration, outdoor games, open flight simulator lab time, or other supervised activities.

Activity Locations

Camp activities take place within classrooms, simulator labs, exhibit spaces and outside areas at and around the Hiller Aviation Museum. Please ensure that children are ready for both indoor and outdoor activities each day.

Grouping and Instructor Supervision

Campers will be divided by age into multiple groups for most major activities, and may be combined at breaks, during sign-in/sign-out, and for special events such as aircraft demonstrations or field trips. Hands-on projects and flight simulation scenarios may vary by grade level. Please indicate any grouping requests on the registration form. Sibling grouping requests are not recommended unless the siblings are within 2 grade levels of each other.

Campers are supervised by one adult Education staff member per ten campers, with additional teen volunteers assisting in non-supervisory roles. Camp instructors are aviation education professionals who complete annual pre-camp training and are thoroughly background checked. Additional Museum staff members and docents work with campers as necessary to ensure an exceptional camp experience.

All campers should bring a snack for morning break, and full day campers should bring a lunch (insulated coolers or lunch boxes are ideal). Snack and lunch breaks are supervised time, with aviation-themed films shown at lunch and a variety of short, structured activities provided during free choice periods.

If your child is enrolled in Aviation Camp, please download the Camper Information Form. Fill it out and bring it with you on the first day of camp. Do not return the Camper Information Form before the first day of camp.

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