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E X T E N D E D    P R O G R A M S


  How to Schedule your Field Trip
1.    Select tour and program topics.

2.    Determine at least two possible dates for your field trip.

3.    Use our online field trip request system or call the Hiller Aviation Museum at (650) 654-0200 at least two weeks in advance of your requested date to make a reservation.

Confirmation information is distributed via email within three business days. Review confirmation information carefully upon receipt.

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Junior High School Programs
Amazing Aircraft II
Grades 3-8, 50-Minute Duration
Program Fee $5.00 per Student*
Take flight with a rubber-powered airplane! Amazing Aircraft features construction and flight of a propeller powered balsa airplane. All students add control surfaces to guide their airplaneís flight. Launch into the amazing world of aircraft!

Register online.
Constellations Tonight
Grades K-8, 30-Minute Duration
Program Fee $3.50 per Student plus $30 per day*
Take an adventure into the night-time sky! Students enter a giant inflatable Starlab dome to explore by day the stars, planets and constellations that will be visible in the sky that night and discover the means by which early navigators found directions and plotted their courses by the stars.

Register online.
Flight and Motion
Grades K-8, 50-Minute Duration
Program Fee $5.00 per Student*
Investigate the forces of flight while building and flying a model glider!† Primary students explore lift, thrust, drag and gravity, while elementary and above construct flight controls to change the attitude of their flying model aircraft.

Register online.
Flight Planning Lab
Grades 5-12, 90-Minute Duration
Program Fee $7.00 per Student*
Science, math and aviation come together in a three-part experience! Students inspect a small aircraft, use aviation charts to plan a flight between airports, and fly a portion of the planned flight in the Flight Sim Zone. Careful consideration of terrain contours and calculations of fuel consumption and velocity are essential to ensure a safe mission.

Register online.
Flight Simulator Lab
Grades 3-12, 50-Minute Duration
Program Fee $5.00 per Student*
Enter the Museumís Flight Sim Zone, where every student has the opportunity to control a simulated airplane through several realistic, age-appropriate missions. Using state-of-the-art flight simulation equipment and software, students work in pairs to master aircraft control while flying through the Bay Area and the world.

Register online.
Introduction to Aviation
Grades 3-6, 90-Minute Duration
Program Fee $7.00 per Student*
Combine flight simulation and glider construction to explore aviation from every angle! Students conduct a hands-on inspection of a real airplane, build a flying model glider and try their hand flying a small airplane in the Flight Sim Zone. Itís an all-inclusive aviation experience!

Register online.
Night Flight
Grades 3-8, 90-Minute Duration
Program Fee $7.00 per Student plus $30 per day*
Take flight under the stars in a spectacular hands-on exploration of the sky! Identify stars, planets, constellations and directions under the arch of the Starlab dome. Take the controls of a small airplane in the flight simulators to master basic aircraft control, then take on the challenge of navigating to a successful landing under simulated nighttime conditions.

Register online.
Physics Flyers
Grades 3-8, 50-Minute Duration
Program Fee $5.00 per Student*
Experience the science of aerodynamics from the controls of a simulated airplane!† Students operate a flight simulator and keep lift, thrust, drag and gravity in balance while completing an exciting series of realistic missions.

Register online.
Storm Chasers
Grades 3-8, 50-Minute Duration
Program Fee $5.00 per Student*
Explore how weather affects flight in a challenging foul-weather flight simulation. Discover thunderstorms and other weather hazards and how they affect aircraft, and then enter the Flight Sim Zone to embark on a realistic mission into inclement conditions. Itís a thrilling adventure to the edge of aviation!

Register online.
Wright Flight
Grades 3-8, 50-Minute Duration
Program Fee $7.00 per Student*
Discover the history of Wilbur and Orville Wright and their unprecedented scientific adventure to invent the worldís first airplane. Examine a full-scale recreation of their 1903 Flyer and build a beautifully detailed flying model to help take the excitement of the first flight home.

Register online.
Aero Design Challenge

Grades 4-8
Saturday, October 24, 2015

FREE to participate (and no charge for museum admission).
Join the excitement of the 2015 Aero Design Challenge!† Complete an exciting set of experiences in the Museumís Gallery, then use the Engineering Design Process to tackle this yearís special project.† Offered Saturday, October 24th only.

Register online.

*In addition to Museum admission.

All programs are aligned with California State Content Standards.



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