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  Our Mission

We use aviation as a gateway for people to embrace adventure and innovation while using tools of science to explore how the physical world works and how the dream of flight is made into reality.


Fact Sheet

  • Exhibit – A collection of aviation history spanning over the past 30 years by Stanley Hiller. Collection includes 50 aircraft exhibits and numerous displays such as:
    • 1869 “Avitor” Hermes Jr. (early heavy-lift airship - unmanned)
    • 1883, 1905, & 1911 gliders (Montgomery)
    • 1903 Wright Flyer Replica (first manned powered flight)
    • 1911 Eugene Ely’s Curtiss Pusher (the first plane to land on a ship).
    • 1913 Lincoln Beachey’ “Little Looper” (early aerobatic airplane).
    • 1945 Hiller 360 (first inherently-stable helicopter to be licensed by the FAA).
    • 1955 Flying Platform (first ducted fan, man-carrying, VTOL aircraft)
    • 1955 Grumman Albatross (flew around the world).
    • 1956 XROE Rotorcycle (fully collapsible helicopter)
    • 1970 Boeing 747-100 cockpit (fully accessible)
    • 1985 Czech AERO Vodochody L-39
    • 1986 Boeing Condor (spy plane with 201-ft. wing span)
    • And many more. Visit our exhibits page.

  • Facilities – The museum's 53,000 square foot complex consists of a main exhibit hall, an entrance atrium, 35-seat Theater, two 50-seat conference center, gift store/restoration shop/and kitchen facilities for catered events.

  • Location – The museum is located at the Northwest corner of the San Carlos Airport, San Mateo County, and immediately adjacent to highway 101.

  • Membership –2,300 member households.

  • Visitors – More than 90,000 annually.

  • Operations – 18 staff members and 100+ Volunteers



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