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A V I A T I O N    A D V E N T U R E    D A Y S


  Aviation Adventure Days

Aviation Adventure Days

One-Day Programs In Aerospace
Open to Grades K-5
9 AM—4 PM (Extended Hours Available)

Program Fee:
Extended AM (8-9 AM):
Extended PM (4-5 PM):
$75/child ($65/Member)

Join the excitement in a special one-day holiday program for kids at the Hiller Aviation Museum! Children are checked in to Museum educators at the beginning of each full day program, and participate in a wide range of hands-on activities including model aircraft construction, intensive exploration of Museum aircraft, flight simulation and more. Multiple topics are available.

Helicopter Aviator
Monday, November 10, 2014
Launch an adventure up, up and away into the world of helicopters! Examine the Museum’s extensive helicopter collection, discovering the science that drives rotary-winged aircraft aloft. Build and fly three different model helicopters and take off on a vertical mission in the Museum’s flight simulators to pilot a simulated helicopter on a challenging flight over the beautiful Hawaiian Islands.

Register online.
Airline Transport Pilot
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Find out what it takes to wear the stripes of a professional aviator in an adventure in modern commercial air travel! Follow in the footsteps of a student pilot and use aeronautical charts and tools to plan safe missions. Check out in the cockpit of an actual Boeing jet transport and construct a model of a widebodied airliner, and then step into the flight simulators to take on the challenge of flying a range of commercial aircraft, from the historic Ford Tri-Motor and Douglas DC-3 to the modern Boeing 777.

Register online.
Polar Pilots
Monday, January 19, 2015
Launch an adventure to the ends of the world! Discover the role aviation has played in the exploration of the far polar regions. Investigate the impact high latitudes and freezing temperatures have on aircraft and navigation, and learn the unique procedures required to fly safely in foreboding terrain. Build polar aircraft models, create synthetic snow for aircraft system tests, and fly flight simulations to Alaskan and Antarctic research bases in an amazing wintertime adventure in aviation.

Register online.
Space is limited and advanced registration is required for all Adventure Day programs. Enroll using online registration or download the Aviation Adventure Day Registration Form to enroll by mail or fax. Pre-enrolled participants must complete a Student Information and Medical Form for each child. We’ll see you soon at Aviation Adventure Day!



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