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This summer three aircraft currently on exhibit have been identified as needing repair or refurbishment, and your help is requested to maintain or improve these aircraft and ensure their availability for the next generation of explorers.

Repair the 747

A strong windstorm recently pounded the 747 Nose Section and Cockpit, nearly peeling off its back wall. A temporary fix is in place, but the entire rear of the 747 needs to be repaired.

This aircraft began flying in 1971 and flew for 27 years for British Airways before being transported to its new home at Hiller Aviation Museum.

It is one of very few 747s that allow visitors to enter and sit in the cockpit.

Project Cost: $5,000

24% Funded – Thank you!

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Refurbish the Wright Flyer

Our iconic replica of aviation’s first powered, manned aircraft, the 1903 Wright Flyer, needs some repair, remediation, and cleaning.

The weight of the aircraft’s wings fight a losing battle with gravity causing warping over time and necessitating repair.

A very careful cleaning, performed in a manner that will not damage the artifact, will also bring back some of its sparkle.

Project Cost: $2,500

94% Funded – Thank you!

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Revamp the Cessna Cardinal

The Museum’s Cessna 177 Cardinal is a centerpiece of educational activities and K-12 school field trips.

Over 50,000 youth have discovered the working parts of an airplane and have sat at the controls of this aircraft.

The interior of the cockpit needs repair and the exterior coatings and paint need to be reapplied.

Project Cost: $4,000

45% Funded – Thank you!

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Adopt an Aircraft

Your gift directly supports Hiller Aviation Museum and its amazing aircraft and helps provide immersive, aviation-themed experiences in science and engineering to visitors.

Tax-deductible donations of any amount are appreciated.

In appreciation of your gift, a Certificate of Adoption, featuring your name and adopted aircraft, will be provided to you. Adopt an Aircraft supporters will also have their names listed by the aircraft for one year beginning in August 2017.

Your contribution is fully tax-deductible.

Our nonprofit tax ID # is 94-3226411.

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