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Event Guidelines

  • The caterer may arrive between 3:30pm and 4:00pm to start preparation in the kitchen. Tables, chairs and other items CANNOT be set up until 4:00pm. All loading and unloading must be done off the courtyard area. No driving on the courtyard will be allowed!
  • There is a $ 500 charge for each additional hour if the caterer remains onsite 2 hours after conclusion of Event.
  • If the caterer has not hosted an event at the museum, it is policy that they do a walk thru 2-3 weeks in advance of the event with the Event Manager.
  • The museum must have a Certificate of Liability and Liquor Liability from the caterer/and or the sponsoring organization. Hiller Aviation Museum must be listed as the certificate holder. The required amount is no less than $1,000,000.
  • The caterer is responsible for taking away all garbage from the event. (The caterer or sponsoring organization may order a bin from Allied Waste at their expense to remove all debris from the event).
  • No open flame cooking within the facility. Sterno cans may be used only in a holder (not loose on the table). No butane/propane will be allowed in any inside areas. Any outside bbq’s or gas grills will be allowed only when requested to be used at the facility. The Event Manager will specify placement of all grills.
  • Any candles or tea lights will be allowed in holders that are three times the size of the candle. All candlebras are required to have candles placed in glass holders. Size and placement will need to be discussed with the Event Manager. No candles allowed in the Gallery.
  • Food stations that are self service as well as carving stations must be matted in the area underneath as specified by the Event Manager. Mats will be provided by the museum.
  • If food and or beverages are placed in the Gallery there must be busing stations.
  • The caterer or event staff may use the Doyle conference room only when authorized by the Event Manager.
  • The caterer is responsible for feeding the museum event manager and docents working the event.
  • If the caterer uses the Doyle conference room for food setup - the floor and carpet must be tarped. All tables/chairs must be wiped down, returned to their original place, and debris removed after the event.
  • The kitchen area (counters and sinks) are to be wiped down, floor must be swept and then mopped. The museum will supply any brooms/mops as needed. A kitchen inspection will be required at the end of the event by the Event Manager.
  • Any busing stations placed in the courtyard are required to be swept and debris removed prior to leaving.
  • The museum must receive a copy of the floor plans for tables, chairs, buffets, and bars, etc and a list of any additional vendors at least 1 week in advance.
  • Smoking is permitted in designated areas only - in the back parking lot use the ashtrays provided.
  • All loading and unloading must be done in the back parking area only. Tables, chairs, etc., can be dropped off between 8:30am and 4:30pm the day of the event. They must be placed flat on the ground in front of the glass windows located between the two rear exit doors of the courtyard. In case of rain, vendors are responsible to tarp all equipment in this area.
  • All equipment is required to be picked up immediately after the event unless otherwise arranged exception: stages and dance floors will be allowed to remain in the facility until 8:30am the following morning.
  • There is a $ 500 charge for each additional hour if the Sponsor or Sponsor’s vendor remains onsite 2 hours after conclusion of Event.
  • Nothing will be allowed to be hung from the walls, windows, or other structure unless otherwise authorized by the Event Manager.
  • The use of paper streamers, confetti, or other similar paper products is prohibited.
  • No smoke/fog machines may be used in the facility.
  • All ice containers must be placed on a water absorbing mat and NOT directly on the floor.
  • All cords must be taped down by gaff tape. Any cords that cross a walking area must be matted.



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