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R O C K E T    W O R K S H O P


  Rocket Workshop

Rocket Workshop

Special Rocketry Program and Air Show Performance
for Experienced Rocket Builders

Grades 4+

Saturday, April 12th, 1:30 PM — 4:30 PM
Saturday, May 3rd, 10 AM — 12 PM (exact time to be announced April 12th)

All Participants Must Attend Both Dates

Program Fee $50/child ($45/Members)


Experience the excitement of building a model rocket on April 12 and launching it on the San Carlos Airport tarmac on May 3 as part of the Hiller Aviation Museum’s Biggest Little Air Show event!

The journey to adventure begins on Saturday, April 12th, with a special three-hour workshop to build, decorate and prepare for launch the 23” tall Big "Betty" model rocket.  Children will also receive a briefing on air show procedures and the rocket launch plan for the air show to be held on May 3rd.

On May 3rd each rocket ace becomes an actual air show performer!  Participants will attend a pre-show safety briefing, then proceed onto the San Carlos Airport under the supervision of a Museum Launch Master to set up a launch pad, prepare their rocket for flight, and launch it upon direction from the Launch Master during the Biggest Little Air Show event!

This unique program is open only to children in fourth grade or above who have completed at least one rocketry-related Aviation Camp topic (Air & Space or Camp Starhawk).  Only a limited number of rockets will be launched as part of the air show performance, so space in this program is limited. 

Enroll using the Museum’s Online Registration System and join us for an exceptional experience in model rocketry at the Hiller Aviation Museum.



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