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T E A C H E R    R E S O U R C E S


  How to Schedule your Field Trip
1.    Select tour and program topics.

2.    Determine at least two possible dates for your field trip.

3.    Use our online field trip request system or call the Hiller Aviation Museum at (650) 654-0200 at least two weeks in advance of your requested date to make a reservation.

Confirmation information is distributed via email within three business days. Review confirmation information carefully upon receipt.

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Teacher Resources

Welcome to the Hiller Aviation Museum and the world of flight! We look forward to seeing you and your class at the Museum soon. Please review our welcome letter and our Visitor Guide before visiting our Museum. As you prepare for your visit, you may find the following information helpful.

Educator Membership

Classroom teachers working in public or private K-12 schools are welcome to join the Museum as Educator Members at no charge. Educator Members receive the benefits of Individual Membership, including free admission to the Museum for a period of one year and a 10% discount on most Gift Shop items. Educator Membership is free to qualified teachers. To apply, download our Educator Membership Application and return with the required employment documentation to:

    Hiller Aviation Museum
    Attn: Membership Department
    601 Skyway Road
    San Carlos, CA 94070

Join today and begin enjoying the benefits of Membership at the Hiller Aviation Museum!

Exhibit Safaris

After your guided tour and any hands-on programs that you have selected are complete, you may wish to have your class participate in an Exhibit Safari based on the content they experienced on their tour. Student and teacher masters for your Safari are included in the packet you will receive upon arrival at the Hiller Aviation Museum, and additional hard copies are available on request at our docent's desk in the Museum Atrium.

If you wish to preview the content ahead of time, please download the student and teacher Exhibit Safaris at the links given below:

Aerodynamics TourAerodynamics Key
California Aviation History TourCalifornia Aviation History Key

Dream of Flight TourDream of Flight Key
Dream of Flight Tour - Español  

Young Aviators TourYoung Aviators Key
Young Aviators Tour - Español  

Forces of Flight Resources

Junior high groups participating in the Forces of Flight hands-on program may wish to undertake the "Propeller Palooza" pre-visit activity. This inquiry-based activity may be completed in the classroom prior to visiting the Hiller Aviation Museum and introduces students to many concepts that will be investigated during their program. Completion of this pre-visit activity is not required to successfully participate in the Forces of Flight hands-on program.

Following a Forces of Flight program, junior high groups may wish to conduct the "Flying Circus" post-visit activity. This design challenge integrates aerodynamic concepts introduced at the Museum as students work to design, build and fly a simple rubber band powered airplane capable of meeting one of two design criteria. Completion of this post-visit activity is not required to successfully participate in the Forces of Flight hands-on program.

Aero Design Challenge

Participants in the 4th annual Aero Design Challenge (October 24, 2015) can obtain resources here:

Skyways Resources

Teachers participating in the Skyways aviation math program may visit these NASA sites for SmartSkies and Line Up With Math activities and curriculum applicable to their visits. All teachers grades 5-8 are welcome to make use of these resources as appropriate:

Teacher Workshop Resources

The Hiller Aviation Museum supports teacher professional development by presenting inservice workshops and presentations at select educator conferences.  Handouts from recent workshops are available for download below.

Four to Soar Lesson Plans

Developed in concert with NASA, Four to Soar is an aerodynamics curriculum suitable for use with students Grades 5-8. The full Four to Soar experience includes a pre-visit design challenge, a museum-based hands-on inquiry experience, and a post-visit design challenge. The Museum portion of Four to Soar is offered as the Forces of Flight hands-on program for field trip groups visiting the Hiller Aviation Museum, but it may also be adapted for implementation at other museums or elementary/middle schools. Complete activity guides may be downloaded below, courtesy of NASA and the Hiller Aviation Museum.

Unit Introduction Unit Introduction
Pre-Visit Geometry Exercise Pre-Visit Geometry Exercise
Pre-Visit Design Challenge Propeller Palooza
Drag Inquiry Activity It's a Drag
Lift Inquiry Activity The Wing's the Thing
Thrust Inquiry Activity In Thrust We Trust
Post-Visit Design Challenge Flying Circus

Questions regarding the implementation of these activities or feedback about their effectiveness can be sent to education@hiller.org. Thank you for sharing the amazing science of aerodynamics with your students!

Program Evaluation

We encourage teachers who have completed a field trip to the Hiller Aviation Museum to complete our online survey. Feedback from field trip groups is extremely important to the Museum as we strive to provide a superior enrichment experience. Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts with us and help us to improve our programs.

    Hiller Aviation Museum
    Attn: Education Department
    601 Skyway Rd.
    San Carlos, CA 94070

    (650) 654-0220 (fax)



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