Aviation Day Camp

Air and Space

Build and launch model rockets!

Entering Grades K-5
Full Day Only – Special $30 Field Trip Fee Applies.

Program Dates:

June 11-15, 2018
July 9-13, 2018
July 30-August 3, 2018

Launch a journey far beyond the atmosphere! Explore the science behind rocket propulsion while building a model rocket powered by a solid propellant motor. This year, campers construct all-new rockets.  Grades K-2 build the sleek silver Gnome rocket, while Grades 3-5 construct and launch the triple-finned Alpha III with parachute recovery.

Air & Space Fridays are launch days, featuring a field trip to a launch site where rockets are flown to altitudes of 300 feet for more. Then, literally walk in the footsteps of the astronauts aboard the aircraft carrier USS Hornet, recovery ship for the first Apollo missions to land on the Moon in 1969. Observe the surface of a star, use and take home a working refractor telescope, identify constellations in the Museum’s planetarium, command a space shuttle training aircraft in the flight simulators and much more in this exciting exploration of the universe!

Air and Space Camp Includes:

  • Model Rocket Construction
    • Gnome (younger campers)
    • Alpha III (older campers)
  • Rocket Launch Field Trip
  • Visit to USS Hornet Museum
  • Introductory and Advanced Flight Simulation
  • Refracting Telescopes
  • Solar Glasses and Sunspot Observations
  • Solar Powered Rovers
  • Flying Space Shuttle Gliders
  • Glowing Star Charts
  • Starlab Constellation Identification
  • Meteorites and Tektites
  • And Much, Much More!

Rockets are launched at school sites in Alameda.  Campers work with their instructional staff and Launch Masters to prepare, inspect, launch and recover their model rockets.