Aviation Day Camp

Drone Ranger

Design, Build and Program Drones and Robots
HALF DAY PROGRAM (9 am – 12 pm) 

Entering Grades K-5
Half Day Only

Program Dates Summer 2021:

June 14-18
July 12-16
August 16-20

Explore the world of autonomous flight and robotics in a special half-day Aviation Camp program!

The Hiller Aviation Museum’s Drone Plex flight center provides an unparalleled opportunity for students to learn to fly small, autonomous robotic safely in a netted enclosure.  Throughout the week, students use realistic simulation and the flight of real drones to develop important flying skills.  Hand-flown, autonomous and first-person view drones are all included as pilots develop their skills and put them to the test.  Campers also complete a flight simulation mission, work with land-based robots and experiment with electric circuits and helicopters to discover the science behind autonomous flight.



Drone Ranger Camp Includes:

  • First-Person View (FPY) drone flight
  • Drone construction and remote operation
  • Drone coding and autonomous flight
  • Surface robotics and robot programming
  • Helicopter flight simulation
  • Circuit electricity and flashlights
  • Aerodynamic experiments
  • Take-home RC quadcopters