Aviation Day Camp

Extreme Flight

Soar Across the Farthest Frontiers of Flight 

Grades K-5
Full Day

Program Dates:

November 20-24*

*4-Day program, no camp Thanksgiving Day.  Partial-week enrollment options available.


Discover the limits of the world of flight from first to fastest, from biggest to smallest, and all of the awesome aviation innovations in between! Follow in the footsteps of the earliest aviators, from balloon and glider pioneers to the groundbreaking work of Wilbur and Orville Wright. Check out in the cockpits of many historical aircraft, and construct flying models of many different types of flying machines, including the original 1903 Wright Flyer.

Follow the journey of commercial aviation, investigating the forces of flight and experimenting with modern materials science to see how today’s largest airliners are built. Explore the flight deck of the Boeing 747, construct a flying model and learn to identify today’s largest commercial and military aircraft.

Accelerate into the realm of transonic flight in an exploration of high speed aviation. Experiment with sound waves and pilot a supersonic research aircraft in the flight simulators to discovery the perils and promise of future travel beyond the speed of sound.

Extreme Flight Camp Includes:

  • Model Airplanes, Gliders, and Helicopters
  • 1903 Wright Flyer
  • Historic Balloons and Giant Zeppelins
  • Introductory and Advanced Flight Simulation
  • 747 Aircraft and Presidential Aviation
  • Composite Polymers and Slime
  • Polar Flight Operations
  • And Much, Much More!