Aviation Day Camp

Pilot Academy

Advanced Flight Simulation and High Performance Aircraft

Entering Grades 5-8
Full Day Only 

Program Dates 2020:

June 15-19
July 13-17
August 3-7
August 17-21

Take a graduate course in flying fun at Pilot Academy!  Launch a thrilling series of flight simulations, using the Museum’s Flight Sim Zone to recreate airplanes and helicopters of all shapes and sizes.  Complete a series of training exercises, take on challenges in many different aircraft, and even fly in the FMX full motion flight simulator!

Discover the training professional pilots undergo throughout their careers.  Complete exercises in navigation and VFR flight planning, complete an Air Traffic Control simulation, inspect and prepare for flight real single and multi-engine light aircraft, and decipher real-time aviation weather reports.  Examine the cockpits of airplanes and helicopters configured for missions of all kinds and experience the life of the pilot in a week-long adventure in aviation.

Pilot Academy Camp Includes:

  • Flight Simulation Sessions, Including:
    • Introductory flight orientation
    • Basic flight manuevers
    • Aerobatics and air combat maneuvers (ACM)
    • Cross country training flights
    • Airliner and jet fighter orientation flights
  • FMX Full-Motion Simulator
  • First-Person View Drone Operations
  • Airliner Model Construction
  • Cockpit Checkouts
  • VFR Flight Planning and Aircraft Operations
  • And Much, Much More!