Aviation Day Camp

X-Plane Pilot

Aircraft Operations and Experimental Aircraft Design

Entering Grades 5-7
Full Day Only

Program Dates 2023:

June 12-16
July 5-7*
July 24-28
August 14-18

*3-Day Session (Wed-Fri) – Special Pricing Applies


Fly to the cutting edge of aviation in an exploration of the world of experimental aircraft and test aviators!

Take on the challenge of Aviation Camp’s realistic flight simulations!  Master basic procedures in small aircraft, then explore the extreme and exotic including antique airplanes, modern and vintage airliners, aerobatic airplanes, modern fighter aircraft and more!

Construct and fly detailed scale models of both modern and historical aircraft, including models capable of controlled flight. Climb into the cockpits of real seaplanes, helicopters, corporate transports, jetliners and jet fighters and compare their systems with the flight simulation environment.

Examine iconic aircraft from 1869 through the present day and see how new technologies have changed the shape of flying machines across a century of flight.


X-Plane Pilot Camp Includes:

  • Model Aircraft Construction
  • Navigation and Starlab Planetarium
  • Airport Operations
  • Realistic Flight Simulation, Including
    • Basic Flight Training
    • Vintage and Modern Airliners
    • Aerobatic Aircraft
    • Modern Fighter Jets
  • Preflight Inspections
  • VFR Flight Planning
  • Air Traffic Control Simulation
  • Drones and Autonomous Aircraft
  • And Much, Much More!