Aviation Day Camp

Physics Flyers

Investigate Aerodynamics and the Science of Flight!

Grades K-5
Full or Half Day

Program Dates 2020:

June 8-12
June 29-July 2*
July 20-24
August 10-14 (Full Day only)
August 24-28

*Special 4-day session.  No camp July 3.


Launch an adventure in science to discover the forces of flight!  Physics Flyers includes hands-on scientific experiments, model aircraft construction and realistic flight simulation designed to unlock aerodynamics for campers Grades K-5.  Fly model airplanes, helicopters, airplanes and hovercraft!  Explore the roles of air pressure, electricity and magnetism in aerospace, build an electric-powered racing car, climb aboard historic aircraft and more in a journey to understand the science that makes powered flight possible.


Physics Flyers Camp Includes:

  • Gliders and Soaring Flight
  • Rubber Powered Airplane Construction
  • Flying Model Helicopters
  • RC Drones and Hovercraft
  • Electric Vehicle Construction
  • Meet a Live Parrot
  • Introductory Flight Simulation

Full Day Campers Also Participate In:

  • Air Powered Rockets
  • Simple Machines and Catapults
  • Buoyancy and Hot Air Balloons
  • The Water Cycle and Cloud Identification
  • Energy and Aerobatic Flight
  • Momentum and Flying Discs
  • Advanced Flight Simulation