January 3, 2021 @ 2:30 pm – 4:00 pm

Flight Simulator Rally

Sunday, October 15 – Shuttle Landing
Sunday, December 17 – Aerobatic Flight

30-minute sessions begin every half hour between 2:30 PM and 3:30 PM.  Event concludes at 4:00 PM.

Take up the challenge in the Flight Sim Zone!

The Flight Simulator Rally, held monthly in the Hiller Aviation Museum’s Flight Sim Zone, presents participants with a specific mission in simulated flight.  Each 30-minute session provides ample time for participants to learn a particular flight, then ends with a challenge flight to achieve the best possible results!

The Flight Sim Zone features a full lab of high-fidelity flight simulators, each equipped with realistic flight controls, high speed graphics processors, and dramatic widescreen-format monitors.  Using state of the art flight simulation software, the Flight Sim Zone provides an exceptional recreation of flight suitable for non-flying novices and veteran aviators alike.

Pilots ages 8 and up are welcome to join each month’s Flight Simulator Rally.  The event is included with Museum admission, but space is limited.  Participants must report to the Flight Sim Zone promptly at the start time of each session to ensure a spot.

Saba Approach

Attempt a landing on one of the world’s shortest runways to see commercial service on Saba in the Dutch East Indies!

Las Vegas Night Flight

Pilot a small aircraft in a low speed night approach to Harry Reid International Airport in Las Vegas, soaring over the brilliantly illuminated hotels and casinos of the Las Vegas Strip.


Shuttle Landing

Pilot the historic US space shuttle to an unpowered landing at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida!

Aerobatic Flight

Master the controls of the Extra 300 aerobatic airplane and attempt a challenging loop around the Golden Gate Bridge!

Instrument Approach

Fly the Cessna 172 through severe weather to a safe landing at San Francisco International Airport!