January 20, 2021 @ 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Hiller Aviation Museum
601 Skyway Rd
San Carlos CA

Hiller Hangar Talk

Presentations, exploits, research and even some tall tales from aviators and flying enthusiasts. 

Each talk is about 20-30 minutes with time for Q&A.   

Presented via Zoom.    Pre-registration required.

See the “Next Talk” and “Upcoming Talk” schedule for specific dates and times.

Free of charge!


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Next Talk!

Wednesday, March 3,  7:00 pm

Bush Flying in Alaska

with Darren Pleasance

With only one major highway, the primary mode of transportation in Alaska is the airplane so if you like to fly, Alaska is definitely the place to be. From landing ski planes on the glaciers of Mount McKinley, to mapping tundra fires, the flying in Alaska provides an unparalleled flying experience.  Join 7,000 hour pilot Darren Pleasance describing his days as an Alaskan bush pilot.

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Upcoming Talk

Wednesday, March 17,  7:00 pm

Lincoln Beachey:  Greatest Aviator of All Time!

with Frank Marrero

The Man Who Owned the Sky, Alexander of the Air, The Divine Flyer!!! Who and why would an aviator get (and deserve) such accolades? Consider his firsts: the inventor of stall recovery, first man to fly upside down, first man to achieve terminal velocity (and live), first to master the loop, the Father of Aerobatics, the first to pick up a handkerchief with his wingtip, who played for the largest crowds in U.S. history … the list goes on and on. Step right up, come and see the Master Flyer!

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Upcoming Talk

Wednesday, March 31,  7:00 pm

The Reno Air Races

with Marilyn Dash

With 14 years of experience flying the Reno Air Races as a pilot in the Biplane Class, Marilyn Dash now announces the Reno Air Races both in person and via live internet streaming. Marilyn takes us on a tour of one of world’s last remaining, and most famous, aviation racing events and her work producing similar pylon air races around the world.

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