September 30, 2023 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Wreckchasing: Searching for Lost Aircraft

Saturday, Sept. 30, 11:00 am

Presentation by Nicholas A. Veronico

Event included with Museum admission.

Wreck Chasing: Searching for Lost Aircraft
Nicholas A. Veronico 

How many rare aircraft flying today were recovered from wreck sites? How many one-of-a-kind aircraft in museums and private collections were found in forests, lakes, swamps, or encased in ice? How many aircraft crash sites have been documented in an effort to remember those who perished? Join author Nicholas A. Veronico as for a global look at a number of rare, flying aircraft – am Fw 190, a P-38, an F4U Corsair, a pair of P-51 Mustangs hidden in garages — that were recovered from the wilds and visit a number of crash sites – including the Philippine Clipper and one of the first B-17s to take the fight to the Japanese — that have been documented or recovered over the years. A number of Bay Area wrecks, including a Navy R4D that crashed in the hills of San Carlos will be discussed.

Author Bio:

Author Nicholas A. Veronico comes from a family of pilots, both his mother and father held private tickets, and his brother is a commercial pilot who flies for a major airline.

Veronico got his start as a freelance writer, then joined “Pacific Flyer” Aviation Newspapers. He then went on to serve as editor of “In Flight USA,” contributed extensively to “FlyPast” magazine, and subsequently joined “Airliners: The World’s Airline Magazine.” On a freelance basis, he has contributed to “Air Classics,” “Aviation History,” “EAA Warbirds,” “Warbirds Worldwide,” “Airways,” “Airliner World,” “Warbird Digest,” “Warbirds International,” “Classic Wings,” and many others.