Trains and Planes

Trains and Planes

10 am – 4 pm each day

Saturday March 30 to Sunday April 7
(Museum closed Easter Sunday March 31)

Join us for our annual Spring Model Train Show. This year there will be a number of separate model train layouts set up at the museum.

Display dates: Saturday April 8 – Sunday April 16

Diablo Pacific Short Line large G-scale modular railroad. They are known throughout the Bay Area and exhibit at regional parks, museums, train hobby shows and community events. They are one of the oldest and largest modular large-scale clubs in the world.

  • Large layouts are low enough for small children to see and be close to the action.
  • See a variety of scenic themes with great detail and animation.
  • Trains represent late 19th century steam locomotives up to 21th century diesel powered engines.
  • Freight and passenger trains.
  • Discover the importance of railroads and railroad history.
  • Learn from knowledgeable hobbyists in woodworking, electrical and scenic construction techniques.

Display dates: Saturday April 8 – Sunday April 16

The Golden Gate Lionel Railroad Club is a group of train enthusiasts that operate three rail O-scale and classic trains on a 20 ft. by 35 ft. hi rail modular layout with three loops of track.

This is the fourth layout they have built since their founding in 1986 by Gerry Bretshneider in San Francisco. It is now one of five Lionel Railroad Clubs in the U.S. The layout is never finished as their many creative members are continually detailing several areas. Look closely!!

For more information about the club, please see their website at

Display dates: Friday April 14 – Sunday April 16

The California Central Coast is one of the most active On30 (O scale) model railroad groups in the state. They have one simple goal – To have fun operating their On30 modular railroad and sharing that fun with as many people as they can. Their railroad is freelanced and set in ‘central’ California prior the 1940’s.

In April 2005, a small group of model railroaders with an interest in On30 modules came together to form the group.  After exploring various module standards and the practices of other modular groups from other scales, they opted to focus their module design standard after the work done by the Texas Outlaws On30 group with a focus on interconnection and reliable operation.  Their first public event was in February 2006 with a modest collection of five modules – some with only the beginnings of scenery in place.  Since then, they have displayed at over 90 public and hobbyist events with layouts featuring dozens of nicely designed modules.  

For more information about the club, please see their website at


Display dates: Thursday April 13 – Sunday April 16

Explore exotic, colorful Asia by rail. Follow trains through scenes of rural rice terraces and waterfalls, ancient mountain temples, and enchanting villages. This layout presents 1/150 Asian N scale models of historic steam and modern diesel and electric trains from Japan, Taiwan, China, Korea, Thailand, Russia and other Asian countries. The setting of the layout features traditional Asian architecture and scenery displayed with informative descriptions of each scene to help viewers learn more about the diverse cultures of Asia as they follow the trains around the layout. First displayed in 2008, the layout has been shown at several local shows, including the annual Train Days exhibition at the Los Altos History Museum, and at several regional and national conventions of the National Model Railroad Association.

Swiss Narrow Gauge

Display dates: Saturday April 8 – Monday April 10

Swiss Narrow H0m Gauge

The Meter Gauge Module Group runs trains that are HO scale (1:87) but with a smaller gauge of 12mm between the rails instead of the standard 16.5mm gauge. There are many meter gauge lines in Switzerland run by private companies such as Rhaetische Bahn (RhB), Furka Oberalp (FO), Brig Visp Zermatt (BVZ), Montreux Oberland Bernois (MOB), and Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn (MGB). We run models of the famous Glacier Express and Bernina Express trains, as well as local passenger trains and freight trains from all these companies.

In addition to the pleasant Swiss scenery our modules, we have two particularly attractive areas, a model of the Chamby station on the MOB line, and a stone arch viaduct that goes into a tunnel reminiscent of the Landwasser Viaduct on the RhB network. We run single track mainlines with sidings in stations, and we also incorporate elevation changes in our track, with one module that has the track cross over itself as it loops around.

The BBF&FRR (Bob Burke Family & Friends RR)

Display dates: Friday April 7 – Saturday April 8

The BBF&FRR (Bob Burke Family & Friends RR) is an O gauge 3 rail layout with many operating accessories. It was designed for family fun and is displayed in an open area for 360* viewing. All the accessories Ice loader, Log loader/unloader, Barrel loader, Culvert loader/unloader, Operating milk car, Operating freight car and Magnetic crane work.

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