Aircraft on Display

Where Inspiration Takes Flight!

Dedicated to the dreams of flight, and the adventurousness and innovations of aviation pioneers, the museum chronicles over a century of aviation history and provides a glimpse into air transportation’s future.

Vintage and futuristic aircraft, prototypes, photographic displays and models are on display.

List of Aircraft

Frederick Marriott 1869 Avitor (Replica)
John J. Montgomery 1883 Gull Glider (Replica)
Wright Brothers 1903 Wright Flyer (Replica)
John J. Montgomery 1905 Santa Clara Glider (Replica)
Irvin 1908 Aerocycloid (Replica)
Maupin / Lanteri 1910 Black Diamond (Curtis type aircraft)
Thaddeus Kerns 1910 Glider (memorial sculpture)
Curtis 1911 Eugene Ely’s Curtis Pusher, 1st to land on a ship (Replica)
John J. Montgomery 1911 Glider (Evergreen)
Lincoln Beachey 1914 Little Looper, Gnome 80 HP
Fokker Dr.1 Triplane 1917 “Red Baron” aircraft, replica
Thaden 1928 T-1 Argonaut
Monocoupe 1928 70, Velie powered
Travelair 1928 D4D (Louise Thaden & Suzanne Asbury Oliver)
Pietenpol 1929 1960 Built aircraft Ford Model-A powered (Air Camper)
Buhl 1931 Autogiro
EAA Design 1932 Penguin
Fairchild 1935 24-C8C, Warner-Scarab powered
Stearman-Hammond 1935 Y-1-S, Menasco powered Pusher
Link 1942 Trainer Model AN-T-18
Stanley Hiller Jr. 1944 XH-44 Hiller-copter (Co-axial rotor system, Replica)
United Helicopters 1946 UH4 Commuter (Hiller)
Curtiss Wright 1946 P-2 Flight Simulator
Hiller Aircraft 1947 J-10, First NOTAR helicopter built in America
Bell Helicopter 1947 47D
Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1947 Thunderbird Rocket
Hiller Aircraft 1949 360, First stable helicopter
Hiller Aircraft 1950 YH-32 “Hornet”, ramjet tipped rotors
Hiller Aircraft 1950 H-23-B, Army helicopter
Hiller Aircraft 1952 YH-32-A, First helicopter gunship (named the Sally Rand)
Hiller Aircraft 1955 Hiller Flying Platform
Nelson 1955 Humingbird (powered glider)
On loan from the National Soaring Museum.
Grumman 1955 HU16-RD “Albatross” amphibian. Circumnavigated the world.
Hiller Aircraft 1956 XROE-1, Rotorcycle (Single man helicopter)
Hiller Aircraft 1957 VXT-8, (Coleopter, futuristic ring-wing design)
Del Mar 1966 DHT-2 “WhirleyMite” trainer
Aero Commander 1968 500-U 2-engine.
Del Mar 1968 DH-20 twin rotor.
Boeing Aircraft 1969 737-200 cockpit
Lockheed Aircraft 1969 YO-3A, (Quiet Star, Serial #01)
RotorWay Aircraft 1970 Scorpion 1, helicopter
Boeing Aircraft 1971 747-100 cockpit and first class section
Cessna 1973 177 Cardinal
Douglas 1974 A-4M Skyhawk Cockpit
Hollmann 1974 HA-2M Sportster Gyroplane
Rutan 1978 Defiant Model 74
NASA/Ames 1979 AD-1 Oblique Wing
Quicksilver 1982 MX Ultralight on floats
Bede 1982 BD-5T
Aero Vodochody 1983 L-39C Albatros
ParaPlane Corp. 1983 PM-1 Powered Parachute
NASA/Stanford 1985 Flying Model – (Oblique wing)
Pitts 1985 S1-C
Boeing Aircraft 1988 Condor, (Super secret robotic spy-plane)
Stanford 1989 Swift hang glider
Arnold 1992 AR-5 Sport Monoplane
Scaled Composites LLC 2004 SpaceShipOne (replica)
Kitty Hawk 2017 Flyer, UAM prototype
Opener Inc. 2017 BlackFly, UAM test vehicle
A-Cubed, Airbus. 2018 Vahana, eVTOL UAM test vehicle

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