Hiller Aviation Museum

Spaceflight Tech

Advanced Rocketry and Space Science

Spaceflight Tech Camp Details

Reach for the stars with the highest-flying Aviation Camp of all! Construct an advanced model rocket, then fly it using a solid propellant motor on Friday’s launch day!

Travel to John D. Morgan Park in Campbell to prepare model rockets for flight!  Participate in a safety briefing, then use solid-fuel rocket motors to launch rockets to speeds of 60 mph and altitudes approaching 300′!

Explore destinations in our solar system and beyond with a working refractor telescope. Enter the Starlab planetarium to identify star patterns and planets visible for observation, master moon phases and locate stars used for celestial navigation. Analyze real Mars images collected by orbiting spacecraft, collect and examine real meteorites, fly high performance aircraft in the flight simulators and much more in a journey to infinity and beyond!

Camp Details

Grade Level
Additional Details
June 19-23
July 10-14
July 31-August 4
9 am - 4 pm
5th to 7th
Hiller Aviation Museum, 601 Skyway Rd. San Carlos, CA 94070
Camps include Friday field trip to launch model rockets!

Spaceflight Tech Camp Includes


Program Includes

  • Model Air Rocket Building
  • Friday field trip to launch rockets!


Program Includes

  • Planetary Rovers
  • Mars Drones
  • Refracting Telescopes
  • Space Shuttle Flight Simulation

Launch Day

Program Includes

  • Field Trip to the John D. Morgan Park in Campbell
  • Model Rocket Preparation
  • Safety Briefing
  • Rocket Launch and Recovery

Launch Site Information

Model rockets will be launched on the Friday of each camp week at John D. Morgan Park in Campbell.

Campers should check in by the regular 9 AM start time at the Hiller Aviation Museum on Friday morning.  They will depart the Hiller Aviation Museum via bus at 9:30 AM and return to the Hiller Aviation Museum by 1:30 PM on Friday afternoon.

Camp activities will continue at the museum until the usual 4 PM pick-up time.  Parents are welcome to attend the rocket launch event!  Detailed directions to the launch site will be provided to enrolled families before each rocket launch.