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Antique and futuristic aircraft, prototypes, and models are on display.

All Vehicles on Display

    * indicates replica
Designer/Manufacturer Year Name
Frederick Marriott 1869 Avitor airship *
John J. Montgomery 1883 Gull glider *
Baker Motor Vehicle Company 1898 Baker Electric automobile
Wright Brothers 1903 Wright Flyer biplane *
John J. Montgomery 1905 Santa Clara glider *
J.C. Irvine 1908 Aerocycloid *
L.B. Maupin and Bernard Lanteri 1910 The Black Diamond biplane
Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company 1911 Eugene Ely’s Curtiss pusher model D biplane *
John J. Montgomery 1911 Evergreen glider
Wright Brothers 1911 “Vin Fiz Flyer” Wright EX pusher biplane *
Lincoln Beachey / Glenn Curtiss 1914 “Little Looper” modified Curtiss pusher biplane *
Fokker Royal Dutch Aircraft Factory 1917  Dr.1 “Red Baron” triplane *
Thaden Metal Aircraft Company 1928 Thaden T-1 Argonaut (wrecked fuselage remains)
Mono-Aircraft Inc. 1928 Monocoupe 70 monoplane
Travel Air 1928 D4D “Pepsi Skywriter” biplane
Pietenpol 1929 Pietenpol Air Camper monoplane
Buhl 1931 A-1 Autogiro
EAA Design 1932 Penguin trainer
Stearman-Hammond 1935 Hammond Y-1-S monoplane
Edwin Link 1942 Link Trainer, WWII flight simulator
Stanley Hiller, Jr. 1944 XH-44 Hiller-copter *
United Helicopters 1945 Hiller UH-4 Commuter helicopter
Bell Helicopter 1947 Bell 47D-1 helicopter
Curtiss Wright 1946 P-2 flight simulator
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory 1947 Thunderbird test rocket
Hiller Aircraft 1947 Hiller J-10 helicopter
Hiller Aircraft 1949 Hiller 360 helicopter
Hiller Aircraft 1950 YH-32 Hornet helicopter
Hiller Aircraft 1950 OH-23B Raven helicopter
Hiller Aircraft 1952 YH-32A Gunship aka “Sally Rand” helicopter
Hiller Aircraft 1955 Hiller Flying Platform
Grumman 1955 HU16-RD Albatross amphibian
Hiller Aircraft 1956 XROE-1 Rotorcycle helicopter
Hiller Aircraft 1957 VXT-8 Coleopter *
Messerschmitt 1958 Cabin Scooter automobile
Fairchild Hiller 1963 FH-1100 helicopter
Del Mar Engineering 1966 DHT-2 helicopter trainer
Rockwell International 1968 Shrike Commander (Aero Commander 500U) twin engine aircraft
Del Mar Engineering 1968 DH-20 Med-Evac helicopter
Boeing 1969 737-200 aircraft cockpit section
Lockheed Missiles and Space 1969 YO-3A Quiet Star aircraft
RotorWay Aircraft 1970 Scorpion homebuilt helicopter
Boeing 1971 747-100 aircraft cockpit and first class section
Cessna 1973 177 Cardinal aircraft
Michael Colomban 1973 “Cri Cri” homebuilt aircraft
McDonnell-Douglas 1974 US Navy Blue Angels A-4M Skyhawk simulator
Hollmann 1974 HA-2M Sportster gyroplane
Rutan 1976 Long EZ homebuilt aircraft
Rutan 1978 Defiant Model 40 prototype aircraft
NASA Ames Research Center 1979 AD-1 Oblique Wing test aircraft
Quicksilver Aircraft 1982 Quicksilver MX ultralight aircraft
Bede 1982 BD-5T homebuilt aircraft
Aero Vodochody 1983 L-39C Albatros jet aircraft
ParaPlane Corp. 1983 PM-1 Powered Parachute
NASA Ames / Stanford University 1985 Oblique All Wing test aircraft
Aviat / Curtis Pitts 1985 Pitts Special S1-C aerobatic biplane
Boeing 1988 Condor UAV
Bright Star Gliders / Stanford 1989 SWIFT hang glider
Arnold 1992 AR-5 sport monoplane
Trek Aerospace 2001 Solo Trek XFV (Exo-skeletal Flying Vehicle)
Scaled Composites 2004 SpaceShipOne *
Kitty Hawk 2017 Flyer eVTOL prototype
Opener 2017 BlackFly eVTOL test aircraft
Acubed / Airbus 2018 Vahana eVTOL test aircraft
Wisk Aero / Boeing 2017 Wisk Cora Gen5 eVTOL demo aircraft