Digital Membership Cards

Hiller Aviation Museum is excited to “go green” with digital membership cards.

Beginning August 19, 2022, plastic membership cards will no longer be issued.


To join or renew Museum membership, please visit here for online purchase.

How do I add the Membership card to my phone using the free eMembership App?

You will be able to access your Membership card in the eMembership Card app and on your smartphone wallet. Follow these few, easy steps:

1. In your smartphone mobile app store, search for and download the “eMembership Card” app. To download from the Apple App Store click here. To download from the Google Play Store click here.

2. Open the app. Tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner and search for “Hiller Aviation Museum.” Click on the Hiller Aviation Museum icon.

3. Click “Find my Membership Cards,” then enter your phone number or Membership ID and last name to locate your card. You can then add the card to your smartphone wallet app or access it directly through the eMembership Card app.

4. When you arrive at Hiller Aviation Museum, open the eMembership Card app and click “Show My Cards” or show the card in your smartphone wallet. As always, please also have your photo ID ready to confirm your name matches the name on the membership card.

eMembership Frequently Asked Questions

I downloaded my card, but I can’t find it.

Search your smartphone for the “eMembership” app. Open the eMembership app and click “Show My Cards.” If it does not pop up on the screen, please contact the Membership department at or 650-654-0200 x216 to help resolve the issue.


How will I use my digital Membership card?

The digital Membership card replaces your plastic Membership card for entry to Hiller Aviation Museum. You may also use the digital card to check on your Membership expiration date and to verify what adult names are listed. If your membership card includes guest passes (all levels, except Family), you may also keep track of your guest passes and share them with others.


Will I still need to show my photo ID with my digital card when I check in at the Museum?

Yes, we will verify the name on your Membership card matches your photo ID.


Will my digital card update when I renew my Membership?

Yes! Your digital card will update within a week of when your Membership renewal is received, including your expiration date and any changes to your Membership level. For Sustaining Members, your 10% off discounted auto renewal will be processed annually on the same day as your original purchase and be available within the eMembership app within one week.


I don’t have a smart phone, what can I do?

If you need a physical membership card, they will be available for $5. Please contact us at or 650-654-0200 x216 to request a printed Membership card.


I am a long-time museum member. Can I still use my old membership card?

Our staff will also be able to look up your current membership using your last name and either your membership number or phone number (if you have previously provided us one). Your membership number is provided on your confirmation letter and for renewing members should be the same number listed on your old membership cards. If you present your “legacy” membership card, we will do our best to check you in at the gift shop.


My name is spelled wrong/Membership level is incorrect.

Please contact us at or 650-654-0200 x216, and we will update your card.


My 2nd adult (and/or 3rd adult–for Pioneer Members and above) isn’t listed on my card in the appHow do I get them on there?

To verify we have the correct information, please reach out to our Membership department at or 650-654-0200 x216.