Outreach Programs

Outreach Programs bring a Hiller Aviation Museum aerospace educator directly to you! Some of the Museum’s most popular hands-on programs have been adapted for the classroom. Each includes all of the hallmarks of the Hiller Aviation Museum’s educational programming:

  • Detailed introduction of aeronautical concepts in science, technology, and/or mathematics provided by a skilled aerospace educator.
  • Engaging hands-on, inquiry-based activities that put your students in the pilot’s seat.
  • Make-and-Take projects ideal for take-home use or to keep onsite as board work.
  • Follow-on materials to extend the learning throughout the school year.

Each outreach program is designed to be 45 minutes in length but can be abridged if necessary. No more than 40 students may participate in any one program, but multiple programs may be scheduled for the same day. Five different topics are available.

Program Topics

Amazing Aircraft I

Grades K-5
$6.00 per student

Learn the parts of an airplane and investigate the four forces of flight while building and flying small balsa gliders. This basic introduction to flight is the Museum’s most popular program, with over 10,000 gliders launched since 2007!

Amazing Aircraft II

Grades 3-8
$7.00 per student

An advanced version of the basic Amazing Aircraft, students master the forces of flight with a more sophisticated propeller-powered airplane. Access to outdoor area or gymnasium/multipurpose room recommended but not required.

Wright Flight

Grades 2-6
$9.50 per student

Follow in the footsteps of Wilbur and Orville Wright while building and flying beautifully detailed models of the 1903 Wright Flyer. Discover the process of scientific inquiry that led the Wrights to Kitty Hawk and learn how their failures, far more than their successes, led them to the breakthroughs that made aviation possible.

Eye on the Sky

Grades K-2
$5.50 per student

Weather is central to aviation, particularly clouds. Investigate the water cycle and its role in cloud formation and identify different cloud types while making water cycle bracelets and cloud cards.


Grades 5-8
$6.00 per student

Launch an adventure into the world of the Air Traffic Controller in your classroom! Learn how commercial air traffic is tracked and separated, and then take off on an intensive ATC simulation experience! Students complete time, distance and velocity calculations while commanding multiple commercial airliners in a challenging illustration of the relevance of mathematical skills in aviation.

*Skyways requires 30 minutes of setup time to prepare a classroom set of laptop computers (provided by Hiller Aviation Museum) for use. Use of a regular classroom for Skyways is not recommended. Multiple classes may participate in Skyways programs on a single day, but each must rotate to the designated Skyways area. The Skyways instructor cannot visit classrooms

Additional Information

A minimum program fee of $200/day is required for all Outreach programs. Programs are available for schools in Alameda, San Francisco, San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Transportation surcharges apply as follows:

San Mateo County – No Surcharge
Alameda County – Additional $30/day
San Francisco County – Additional $25/day
Santa Clara County – Additional $25/day

Availability is limited and advanced reservations are required. Call the Hiller Aviation Museum Education Office at (650) 654-0200 x 222 for more information or to book your Outreach experience today!