Our Mission

We use aviation as a gateway to embrace innovation and adventure while using tools of science to explore how the physical world works and how the dream of flight is made into reality.

What Are We Trying To Accomplish?

We want to make a difference in our community by serving as an educational and inspirational resource. We use aviation as a means to reignite in our visitors the unique, American spark of adventure that inspires people to take on difficult tasks and succeed. We encourage our community’s children to embrace an adventurous spirit and provide them with tools and hands-on experiences that help them better perform in science and math. We strive to help improve the science literacy of adults and their attitudes toward technological progress to meet the challenges of 21st century civilization.

Our Theory of Change

We observe that people yearn for adventure but don’t always know how to pursue it in their daily activities. We believe that if a person, of any age, is inspired and shown how to embrace a more adventurous spirit, to dream, explore and be willing to accept risks, to make mistakes and learn from them, he or she can venture more confidently into the world to create, innovate and succeed to the benefit of all. These powerful motivators of human effort are the foundation of our museum mission.