FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Updated:  June 18, 2021

Is the museum open?

Yes!    We are open to the public daily, seven days a week, 10 am – 5 pm.   

We continue to offer several virtual options for at-home activities, which you can check out on our Hiller at Home web page.

What is the status of special events?

With the State of California and County of San Mateo continuing to adjust and relax pandemic restrictions after February 16, 2022, we have returned to our regular schedule of special events, unique programs and activities.   Size of indoor events must still remain below 1,000 according to CPDH rules to avoid more stringent requirements and until this guidance changes we will restrict indoor activities to 1,000 people or less.  Stay abreast of developments and announcements on our website and subscribe to our e-News for a weekly email summary.


Can I purchase admission tickets in advance?

Yes!   You can buy your tickets with our online payment portal.   Show your tickets on your mobile phone at the admissions counter.   Tickets have no specific date or time.  CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE TICKETS IN ADVANCE.

What exhibits and programs are open?

The 50+ aircraft in our gallery are on display, including all of our historical exhibits using static displays and graphic panels which explore the lore of aviation.

The following exhibits are open:

  • 747 Nose section and cockpit
  • Wright Model B simulator
  • Fokker DR-1 Tri-Plane cockpit
  • Hiller 12 Helicopter cockpit and simulator
  • “Sky Portal” (Google Earth)
  • 777 Landing Simulator
  • Forces of Flight lift demonstration
  • Storm Making
  • Imagination Playground and children’s play area

Hand sanitizer is available throughout the exhibition gallery.

The Flight Sim Zone is open 11 am – 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday.  $5 additional fee for non-members, free for Members. Tickets required for both Members and non-Members.  More info…

The FMX Flight Simulator is open 11 am – 2 pm on Saturday and Sunday.   $10 additional fee for non-members.  $8 for members.   More info…

The Drone Plex presents demonstrations at various times Saturday and Sunday.

The Invention Lab provides make-and-take activities and projects you can build.   More info…

Planning your visit during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are conforming to guidance and policies effective March 1, 2022, by California Department of Public Health.

Outdoors:  Mask not required, regardless of vaccination status.
Indoors: Mask not required (but recommended) regardless of vaccination status.

If K-12 school or day camp groups are present in the museum’s indoor public spaces, a mask is REQUIRED of ALL visitors in these indoor areas regardless of vaccination status, per CDPH rules, until March 11, 2022.   Signs posted at the museum entrance will indicate when K-12 school or camp groups are present.   This CDPH rule will change to "no masks required" after March 11.

Click here for CA state COVID-19 masking guidelines.


CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR FAQ (what's open, what's closed).