Aviation Day Camp

Flight and Motion

Soar with the science of the skies!

Entering Grades K-5
Full Day Available

Program Dates:

October 3-7, 2022
December 27-30*

*4-Day Session.  Camp Meets Tue-Fri.

Embark on a journey into the science of how things move!  Explore the physics of flight, launch balloons and hovercraft, float a boat, construct and race electric and wind-driven cars, and pilot robots and drones in an amazing exploration of speed!


Flight and Motion Camp Includes:

  • Aircraft
    • Elastic Motorplanes
    • Gliders
    • Helicopters
    • Flight Simulation
  • Rocketry
    • Straw Rockets
    • Balloon Rockets
    • Water Rockets
    • BLURRZ Solid Fuel Rocket Cars
  • Surface Transportation
    • Electricity
    • Electric Car Construction
    • Propeller Cars
  • Boats and Buoyancy
    • Balloons
    • Paddle Boats
    • Submarines
    • Remote Control Hovercraft
  • Physics
    • Catapults
    • Carrom Boards
    • K’Nex Motion Lab
    • Bee Bot Robotics
  • And Much More!