School Distance Learning Programs

Distance Learning programs feature hands-on, aerospace-themed science and engineering programs for K-8 students brought to your classroom via Zoom or the platform of your choice.  Hiller Aviation Museum educators lead virtual programs exploring flight with hands-on aircraft assembly and flight tests and/or encounters with real aircraft on display at the Hiller Aviation Museum.

Fee waivers are available for qualified low income schools with at least 30% of enrolled students eligible for free/reduced price meals.  Complete the Fee Waiver Request form to apply today.

This is an exciting, excellent program that gives students a vision for what they could possibly do in their futures, plus gives them fresh appreciation for the science of flight.

10th Grade Teacher

Sierra View Christian School

All programs are aligned with California State Content Standards in science or math.

How to Schedule Your School Program

1.   Determine at least two possible dates for your field trip or distance program.

2. Use the Field Trip Request form to make a reservation for a traditional onsite field trip, or the Distance Learning Request Form to request a remote program.

3.   A credit card is required to confirm all reservations, but payment is not due until the day of the program.

Distance Learning Programs

Helicopter Adventure

Grades K-5
Program Fee $50/class
45 Minute Duration

Perfect for students in a full distance-learning environment, Helicopter Adventure explores the world of vertical flight with an exciting engineering exercise based on paper models.  Hiller Aviation Museum staff conduct a Zoom-based virtual tour of a Scorpion helicopter at the Hiller Aviation Museum and lead construction and testing of a simple paper helicopter.  Children measure the characteristics of helicopter flight and make predictions on how rotor size will affect helicopter performance.

Students need not be in a single location to participate in this program.  The Hiller Aviation Museum will provide a printable one-page .pdf file that must be printed for each participating child.  Students must have access to scissors to complete the project, but no other supplies or equipment are necessary.

Flight Planning

Grades 5-8
45 Minute Duration

Use the tools of a pilot to complete a flight plan!  Participants use an aviation chart, plotter and flight plan to measure distances, calculate flight times and determine fuel consumption in an interactive at-home activity.

Students need not be in a single location to participate in this program.  The Hiller Aviation Museum will provide three printable.pdf files that must be printed for each participating student.  Students must have access to scissors and pencils to complete the activity,

Amazing Aircraft

Grades K-5
$50/class + $3/child
45 Minute Duration

The Hiller Aviation Museum’s most popular hands-on program arrives in your classroom!  Designed for classes working at school in a room with their teachers, Amazing Aircraft features an instructor-led exploration of the parts of an airplane using a real Cessna 177 aircraft at the Hiller Aviation Museum, completion of a coloring activity, and construction and test flights of a simple balsa glider.

A supply kit including balsa gliders and coloring sheets will be shipped to the address provided on the reservation request fourteen days prior to the program date.  Students should have access to crayons, and teachers should have access to clear or masking tape for minor repairs.

Fee Waivers for Low Income Schools Public schools with an Identified Student Percentage of at least 30% of students qualified to receive free or reduced price meals under federal guidelines may complete an online request for fee waivers and/or (for onsite field trips) transportation reimbursement.  Low income schools receiving an admission/program fee waiver may generally visit on any available date and participate in any program covered by the admission waiver.

Fee Waiver Request

Fee Waivers for all Schools Any public or private K-12 school group visiting on an advanced reservation with 12 or more students may visit the Hiller Aviation Museum at no charge at select times during the year under one of the following programs:

  • Mondays at the Museum - complimentary admission to K-12 school groups of 12 or more students visiting on an advanced reservation during non-holiday Mondays September 2023 - May 2024.  Fees for optional hands-on programs, guided tours, and adult admissions apply.
  • Aero Design Challenge - an intensive hands-on engineering experience provided at no charge.  Open to groups of 30+ students Grades 4-8, November 2023 - April 2024.

Reservations must be booked in advance of consideration of any and all school program assistance requests. Contact the Education office, or (650) 654-0200 x 215, for more information.

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