Membership Frequently Asked Questions

Hiller Aviation Museum has transitioned to Digital Membership Cards. Please click here for all the details.

To join or renew Museum membership, please visit here for online purchase.

How do digital membership cards work?
Hiller Aviation Museum uses Digital Membership Cards through the eMembership Card app, accessible through smartphones. Using your last name and either phone number or membership number, you can find your card in the app within a week of purchase, and you have the option to save it to your smartphone wallet. When you arrive at the museum, (along with your photo ID) you can show your membership card either within the eMembership Card app or from your smartphone wallet app. You will also receive a letter by mail confirming your membership. Additional details about digital membership can be found here.

How do I get my digital membership card?
In your smartphone mobile app store, (Apple App Store or Google Play Store) search for and download the “eMembership Card” app. Open the app, tap the magnifying glass in the top right corner and search for “Hiller Aviation Museum.” Click on the Hiller icon and click “Find my Membership Cards,” then enter your last name and either phone or membership number to locate your card. Finally, you may either add the card to your smartphone wallet app or continue to access it directly through the eMembership Card app. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions about digital membership.

How do the guest passes work?
Many of the Museum Membership levels include guest passes. A guest pass may only be used once and provides free admission to the Museum. The passes may be used by a guest who is accompanying you to the Museum or you may send them to a guest who will visit on their own. Your guest passes are managed in the eMembership App.

Do I need to show my photo ID with my eMembership Card to enter the Museum?
Yes. At least one member must show their eMembership card and matching photo ID because membership cards are not transferable. If multiple adults are included with your membership, additional adults do not need to show a card or ID, but you need to enter the Museum together. Family membership includes a max of 2 adults, Pioneer & Pilot membership a max of 3 adults, and Barnstormer membership and up a max of 4 adults. Membership cards can only be used once per day, so keep your wristband on if you plan to reenter the Museum.

What happens after I purchase my Membership online?
You will immediately receive an email receipt of your transaction. Please retain this email as temporary proof of your membership. Your membership will be active on the eMembership App within one week (possibly sooner), and you will receive a membership confirmation letter by mail in about 2 weeks.

If you are planning to visit Hiller Aviation Museum in the next week, please print the email confirmation as proof of membership or be prepared to show the email receipt on your phone, which along with your photo ID, will allow you to enter the Museum.

One family member dropped us off and is parking the car. How can we have them enter the Museum as part of our Membership?
Please let the gift shop or express membership staff staff know. They can either set a wrist band aside (Will Call) or give you an extra wrist band, which you can provide the driver when they arrive.

When does my membership expire?
Membership is annual and lasts 12 months, at which point you will be invited to renew. 

Is Museum Membership Tax-Deductible?
Yes, minus the value of any passes/tickets that are included with the membership (see below chart). The tax-deductible amount of each ONE TIME REGULAR membership level is Senior $69 (fully tax-deductible), Individual $43, Family $87, Pioneer $91, Pilot $255, Barnstormer $374, Adventurer $874, Explorer $2,308, Navigator $4,770, and Aviator $9,482. 

If you are requesting an employer matching gift for your membership donation, please use these amounts.

May I ask my company to match my membership donation?
Yes, see above question and visit our Matching Gifts page for more information.

Is same day re-entry permitted?
Yes, but keep your wristband on if you plan to reenter the Museum the same day.

Can I use my Hiller Aviation Museum Membership card to visit any other museums?
Yes! Hiller Aviation Museum participates in the Partners of the West program and your membership includes free admission to the Museum of Flight in Seattle.

I need to cancel my Membership. How do I do that?
You may cancel annual membership credit card charges by contacting Logan Davis at or 650-654-0200 ext. 216. 

What if I have more questions about Museum Membership?
Please contact the Museum’s Membership Manager Logan Davis at or 650-654-0200 ext. 216.

Thank you to all 3,500 of our Hiller Aviation Museum members!