Museum Premium Membership

Premium Membership is a great way to receive maximum benefits and support the Museum.

Your help is needed — now more than ever. In 20 years of serving the community as an educational, historical, and technological resource, the museum has never been closed for this length of time, creating an unprecedented funding challenge. With the help of donors and members, the museum will not just survive this moment but thrive once again.

If you are able, please become a premium member or renew your membership online today in support of our mission of aviation and science education. Thank you for your support!

Keep looking up!

Is a Premium Museum Membership Tax-Deductible?
Yes, minus the value of any passes/tickets that are included with the membership. The tax-deductible amount of each membership level is Adventurer $852, Explorer $2,316, Navigator $4,780, and Aviator $9,744. 

May I ask my company to match my Premium Membership donation?
Yes, if you are requesting an employer matching gift for your membership donation, please use the above tax-deductible amounts and visit our Matching Gifts page for more information.