Aviation Day Camp

Test Pilot Academy

Explore the World of the Aviator!

Grades K-5
Full Day Only

Program Dates 2023:

June 5-9
June 26-30
July 17-21
August 7-11
August 28-September 1


Join the best of the best in a mission to experience the wonder of flight in cutting edge aircraft!

Test Pilot Academy participants explore the skills needed to fly an wide range of aircraft.  Flight simulation missions in airplanes ranging from basic trainers to modern jet fighters provide hands-on flying experience.  Construction of flying and display aircraft models allows pilots to gain an appreciation for the many different aircraft used for various missions, and authentic cockpit checkouts give participants unparalleled access to real airplanes and helicopters.

Launch an exciting flight of the imagination today!

Test Pilot Academy Camp Includes:

  • Model Aircraft
    • Airplane 
    • Gliders
    • Jet Airliner
    • Helicopter
  • Flight Simulation, Including:
    • Basic Flight Maneuvers
    • Airline Transport Aircraft
    • Aerobatics
  • Cockpit Encounters
    • Boeing 737 & 747 Jetliners
    • Fokker Dr. I, Aero L-39 and Douglas A-4 fighters
    • Scorpion Helicopter
    • Grumman HU-16 Albatross Amphibian
  • Flight Experiments
    • Parachutes
    • Hovercraft
    • Airport Operations
    • Jet Propulsion
    • Drone Operations
  • And Much, Much More!