Hiller Aviation Museum

Robo Mechanics

Experience the Thrill of Robotics, Explore the Wonders of Circuits, and Master the Art of Aeronautical Design

Robo Mechanics Camp Details

Leap into the world of drones, robotics, and remotely piloted aircraft!

Master robotic design and simple programming using the unique Artec robotics platform, originally developed for use in Japanese schools.  Campers build and then program multifunction robots capable of sensing their environment and moving within it!

Robo Mechanics take flight in the Hiller Aviation Museum’s Drone Plex flight center.  Use high-fidelity multirotor simulators to master remote aircraft operation, then fly real drones in the netted Drone Plex enclosure.  Build and fly a first-person-view (FPV) drone, then program a multirotor aircraft to have it complete a flight autonomously!

Explore the science of electricity and build and drive an electric-powered car.  Explore pneumatics, simple machines, and solar energy.  Investigate helicopters, space vehicle design, and more in an exciting drone and robotic engineering adventure!

Camp Details

Additional Details
March 27–31
April 3-7
April 10-14
June 12-16
July 5-7*
July 24-28
August 14-18
9 am - 4:00 pm
5 to 10 years old
Hiller Aviation Museum, 601 Skyway Rd. San Carlos, CA 94070
3-Day Session (Wed-Fri). Special pricing applies.

Robo Mechanics Camp Includes

Artec Robotics

Program Includes

  • Robot design
  • Robot construction
  • Robot coding and operation

Drone Operations

Program Includes

  • FPV drone operations
  • Autonomous drone flight
  • Multirotor design & construction

Robotics Systems

Program Includes

  • Static and current electricity
  • Electric motors and vehicles
  • Solar power generation
  • Simple machines & robots
  • Pneumatics and hydraulics


Program Includes

  • Aircraft design
  • Aircraft Construction
  • Rocketry and spacecraft
  • Helicopter physics
  • Introductory flight sim