Hiller Aviation Museum

Flight Engineers

Aerospace Engineering and Aircraft Design 

Flight Engineers Camp Details

Leap into the world of aerospace engineering, building aircraft, drones, robots, circuits, and more in a high-tech adventure in design!

Start in the Hiller Aviation Museum Invention Lab, a unique maker space equipped with authentic science tools. Learn to use computer-aided design, 3D printers, wind tunnels, and more to solve a range of design challenges.

Investigate circuit electricity and take the challenge to the next level, using robotics equipment to power electronic inventions capable of executing various functions.  Code and operate flying drones and multipurpose robotics platforms using drag-and-drop programming.

Scale up the experience at the Museum’s Penguin airplane, a small airplane able to be assembled and disassembled by camp participants. Attach wings, stabilizers, and control surfaces and rig all necessary control cables to gain exceptional insights into the function of different parts of an airplane and discover the engineering and mechanics required for each and every aircraft to take flight.

Observe high-performance aircraft and modern engines and airframes close up and meet aviation professionals in a unique glimpse of the working world of aviation.

Camp Details

Grade Level
Additional Details
June 24-28, 2024
July 1-3, 2024 (3-Day, No field trip)
July 15-19, 2024
9 am - 4 pm
5th to 7th
Hiller Aviation Museum, 601 Skyway Rd. San Carlos, CA 94070
5-Day Camps include Friday field trip to USS Hornet

Flight Engineer Camp Includes

Flight Engineers

Program Includes

  • Group Disassembly and Reconstruction of Small Aircraft
  • Computer-Aided Design and 3D Printing
  • Drone Flight Simulation and Indoor Drone Plex Flight
  • Advanced Flight Simulation
  • Drone and Robot Programming
  • And Much, Much More!

Field Trip

Program Includes

  • Visit an Aircraft Carrier!
  • Field Trip to the USS Hornet Museum
  • Friday of Camp week
  • No field trip for 3-Day July 1-3 Camp

Field Trip Information

On Friday, Flight Engineer Campers will visit the USS Hornet in Alameda. The USS Hornet Sea, Air & Space Museum is a museum aircraft carrier.

There is no field trip for the 3-Day Camp Session July 1-3, 2024.

Campers should check in by the regular 9 AM start time at the Hiller Aviation Museum on Friday morning.  They will depart the Hiller Aviation Museum via bus at 9:30 AM and return to the Hiller Aviation Museum by 2 PM on Friday afternoon.

Camp activities will continue at the museum until the usual 4 PM pick-up time.  Parents are welcome to attend the field trip! Parents attending are responsible for own transportation and admission fees. Detailed information about the field trip will be distributed durign the week of camp.