Tours and Gallery Exploration

All school and public groups with advance reservations receive support for a themed exploration of the Museum’s collection at no additional charge.  Depending on grade level, group size, and exploration topic, Gallery experiences may include guided tours, exploration stations, docent-tended destination stations and more.
Tour content varies by topic and grade level, but all include:

  • Observations of historic aircraft.
  • Interpretation of historical and/or scientific significance of select aircraft.
  • Opportunities to enter aircraft cockpits.
  • Demonstrations of aircraft function and/or aerodynamics.

Following their tours and any selected hands-on programs, groups are invited to explore Gallery exhibits more closely under the supervision of a teacher or chaperone.  Popular exhibits include flight simulators, aircraft cockpits and the Boeing 747.  The Museum’s Gift Shop is also open; students and children are required to be accompanied by an adult in the Gift Shop.

How to Schedule Your Field Trip

1.   Determine at least two possible dates for your field trip.
2.   Select PROGRAM topic for hands-on program.
3.   Use our online field trip request system or call the Hiller Aviation Museum at (650) 654-0200 at least two weeks in advance of your requested date to make a reservation.

Confirmation information is distributed via email within three business days. Review confirmation information carefully upon receipt.

Gallery Exploration Topics


grades 5-12

Discover the science of aviation while exploring the Museum’s extensive aircraft collection. Docents bring the forces of flight to life with engaging demonstrations and exhibits ranging from a full scale replica of the Wright Brothers’ first airplane to historic gliders and helicopters. Experience a hands-on demonstration of the flight controls of a real airplane or helicopter.

Dream of Flight

grades 2-12

People have longed to fly for thousands of years. Join the quest for flight in a sweeping overview of the Museum’s collection. See groundbreaking creations, historic advances and paths not taken. Encounter aircraft that have helped to change the world and learn about the people who built and flew them in an exploration of the Museum’s many exhibits.

California Aviation History

grade 4

Even before the Wright Brothers took wing at Kitty Hawk, innovative inventors in California devised amazing aircraft. Our home state’s surprising early aviation history is revealed in a journey through 130 years of aeronautic design and experimentation. Authentic aircraft and true-to-life replicas showcase the Golden State’s many contributions to the conquest of the air.

Young Aviators

Preschool – grade 2

Experience a delightful tour with a hands-on twist. Take a kinesthetic flight through the Gallery to meet our amazing aircraft. Lay back and observe exhibits overhead, and then encounter a real airplane and learn its different parts. It’s an aviation adventure perfectly sized for the youngest aviators.


Exhibit Safaris are “scavenger hunt” style worksheets suitable for an entire class that facilitate additional museum exploration. Safaris correspond with the content presented in each tour in an age-appropriate manner.  Both student worksheets and teacher answer keys are available for download.  Extend the Gallery experience by scouring the Gallery for the answers following a tour experience.

Fee Waivers for Low Income Schools

Schools with at least 40% of students qualified to receive free or reduced price meals may complete an Admission and Program Fee Waiver Request to receive fee waivers and priority placement.


Transportation Reimbursement

Transportation reimbursement is available through a separate program for qualified public schools with 40% or more of students eligible to receive free/reduced price meals.  Download the Field Trip Transportation Reimbursement Request form for more information or to apply for this assistance.

I LOVE the experience my 6th graders get here… the tour (always different & so fun), the simulator (they always love) and today the Drones (so cool)!  The best part is the variety of things the students are exposed to.  They are learning but they don’t even know it.

6th Grade Teacher

St. John the Baptist School