Aviation Day Camp

Airline Transport Pilot

Airline Operations and the Air Transportation System

Entering Grades 5-8
Full Day Only

Program Dates:

June 26-30, 2017
July 17-21, 2017
August 7-1, 2017


Fly to the cutting edge of aviation in an exploration of the world of experimental aircraft and test aviators!

Take on the challenge of Aviation Camp’s most sophisticated flight simulations, including realistic antique airplanes, modern and vintage airliners, aerobatic airplanes, air racers, supersonic research aircraft and more. Pass an end-of-week checkout and graduate to the full-motion FMX flight simulator to try out an FAA-approved flight training experience.

Construct and fly detailed scale models of both modern and historical aircraft, including models capable of controlled flight. Climb into the cockpits of real biplanes, seaplanes, helicopters, jetliners and jet fighters and compare their systems with the flight simulation environment.

Experience the world of the professional aviator firsthand, planning flights using real VFR aviation charts and Visit a working fixed based operator at San Carlos Airport and discover the processes used by students and flight instructors to prepare for real-world missions.


Airline Transport Pilot Camp Includes:

  • Advanced Model Aircraft Construction
  • VFR Flight Planning
  • Air Traffic Control Simulation
  • Realistic Flight Simulation, Including
    • Historical Aircraft and Flight Recreations
    • Complex and High Performance Checkouts
    • Vintage and Modern Airliners
    • Simulated Airline Operations
    • Night and Inclement Weather Operations
  • FMX Full Motion Flight Simulation
  • Field Trip to SFO International Airport
  • Cockpit Checkouts
  • And Much, Much More!