Aviation Day Camp

Aero Engineers

Design, Construct and Test Aerial Vehicles

Entering Grades K-5
Full Day Only

Program Dates 2022/2023:

January 3-6*

*4-Day Session.  Camp Meets Tue-Fri.

Create and test a world of aviation inventions with Aero Engineer!

Developed for campers entering Grades K-5, Aero Engineers participants leap into the Engineering Design Process and discover how makers the world over nurture new ideas and make them take flight.  Meet a series of design challenges, building gliders, rockets, helicopters and more and testing each vehicle.

Investigate the technologies used in modern aerospace engineering, including simple machines, electricity, pneumatics and more.  Experiment with robotics, code and fly a drone, and experiment with 3D printers.

Complete introductory test pilot training in the flight simulator lab, learning the procedures used by pilots to explore the flight of brand-new aircraft designs, experiment with the science of aerodynamics and much more in a thrilling hands-on adventure in aerial science and engineering.

Aero Engineers Camp Includes:

  • Aeronautics
    • Aircraft Identification
    • Elastic Helicopters
    • Glider and Helicopter Flight Simulation
  • Electricity
    • Static & Current Electricity
    • Run Catlight!
    • Morse Code Devices
    • Motorized Inventions
  • Rocket Propulsion
    • Straw Rockets
    • Stomp Rockets
    • Pneumatics/Hydraulics
    • Rocket Design Challenge
  • Structures and Designs
    • Polymers and Superballs
    • Tower Challenge
    • Computer Aided Design
    • 3D Printing
  • Drones and Robotics
    • Ozobots
    • Robot Grippers
    • Dot and Dash
    • Drone Operations
  • And Much, Much More!