Aviation Day Camp

Pilot Cadets

Flight Simulation and Piloting Skills

Entering Grades K-5
Full Day Only

Program Dates 2022:

December 19-22*

*4-Day Session.  Camp meets Mon-Thu.

Enroll in a course of flying fun at Pilot Cadets!  Launch a thrilling series of flight simulations, using the Museum’s Flight Sim Zone to recreate airplanes and helicopters of all shapes and sizes.  Complete a series of training exercises and take on challenges in many different aircraft.

Build and fly model aircraft and assemble a full-scale Penguin to investigate the function of each part of an airplane.  Fly drones, learn to navigate with compass and GPS alike, and examine the cockpits of airplanes and helicopters configured for missions of all kinds in a week-long adventure in aviation.

Pilot Cadets Camp Includes:

  • Flight Simulation Sessions, Including:
    • Introductory flight orientation
    • Basic flight training
    • Aerobatics
    • Cross country flights
    • Airliner flights
  • First-Person View Drone Operations
  • Sound and Supersonic Flight
  • Air Pressure and Hovercraft
  • Parachutes and Air Resistance
  • Model Airplanes and Gliders
  • RC Helicopter Operations
  • Cockpit Checkouts
  • And Much, Much More!