Aviation Day Camp

Rocket Pilots

Explore the world of space travel!@

Entering Grades K-5
Full Day Only

Program Dates:

February 17-21, 2020

Explore space and rocket propulsion!  Campers investigate Newton’s laws of motion while building and launching small rockets that fly with many different kinds of propulsive technology – air, water, chemical reactions and more!  

Throughout the week, campers discover many of the amazing destinations in our solar system made accessible by space travel.  Observe the surface of a star, use and take home a working refractor telescope, identify constellations in the Museum’s planetarium, command a space shuttle training aircraft in the flight simulators and much more in this exciting exploration of the universe!

Rocket Pilots Camp Includes:

  • Rocket-Propelled Cars
  • Puff, Fizz, Air and Water Rockets
  • Introductory and Advanced Flight Simulation
  • Refracting Telescopes
  • Solar Glasses and Sunspot Observations
  • Solar Powered Rovers
  • Flying Space Shuttle Gliders
  • Glowing Star Charts
  • Starlab Constellation Identification
  • Meteorites and Tektites
  • And Much, Much More!