Aviation Day Camp

Invention Convention

Destination Aerospace Innovation!

Entering Grades 5-8
Full Day Only – Includes Field Trip

Program Dates:

June 18-22, 2018
July 2-3, 2018*
July 16-20, 2018
August 6-10, 2018

*2-Day Session, Meets Monday-Tuesday Only.

Leap into the world of aerospace engineering, building aircraft, drones, robots, circuits and more in a high-tech adventure in design!

Start in the Hiller Aviation Museum Invention Lab, a unique maker space equipped with authentic tools of science. Learn to use computer aided design, 3D printers, infrared sensors and more to solve a range of design challenges.

Investigate circuit electricity and take the challenge to the next level, using Arduino microprocessors and connecting them in circuits with a variety of sensors. Place the working experiment into an airborne platform to collect and analyze data.

Put technology in motion using VEX robotics. Learn the basics of robotic design, construction and programming, then construct a device able to complete a task.

Combine technologies and launch them skywards while constructing a drone aircraft. Design and build a boilerplate drone using flight, structural and electronic components.  Assemble and launch a working drone comprised of LEGO bricks, then amend its design to observe changes in flight behavior.  Fly a variety of drones in the Museum’s Drone Plex flight center.

Scale up the experience at the Museum’s Penguin airplane, a small airplane able to be assembled and disassembled by camp participants. Attach wings, stabilizers and control surfaces and rig all necessary control cables to gain exceptional insights into the function of different parts of an airplane and discover the engineering and mechanics required for each and every aircraft to take flight.

Observe high performance aircraft in a behind-the-scenes tour at San Francisco International Airport.  See modern engines and airframes close up and meet aircraft mechanics in a unique glimpse of how today’s airliners are designed, built and maintained.

Invention Convention Camp Includes:

  • Group Disassembly/Reconstruction of Small Aircraft
  • Computer-Aided Design and 3D Printing
  • Drone Flight Simulation and Indoor Drone Plex Flight
  • Drone Construction and Testing
  • Advanced Flight Simulation
  • Robotics Construction and Programming
  • Arduino Circuits and Sensors
  • Field Trip to San Francisco International Airport
  • And Much, Much More!